Reading, getting informed, knowing has always been part of the nature of man and over the years the information channels have increased. At the basis of the correct functioning of a democratic system there is information, because only a properly informed citizen can make free decisions. In recent years we have witnessed a multiplication of [&hellip

Immortalize moments to make them indelible in our memories: if I think about photography this is the first thing that comes to mind. But is it the reality? If you think about it, photography always surrounds us, we see it everywhere because it is not only what we take to remember an event, but it […]

“All persons have the right to express freely their ideas by word, in writing and by all other means of communication. The press may not be subjected to authorisation or censorship.” So the article 21 of the Italian Costitution declares, to set off one of the fundamentals of the constitutional, liberal and democratic State. An […]